Minggu, 07 Februari 2016

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Smart Phone

If Samsung Galaxy is synonymous to tech savvy customer’s dream smartphones, then Galaxy Nexus is probably the dream phone. It is the world’s first phone to be powered by Android 4.0, the Ice Cream Sandwich version. It contains a wide array of high end technology. In fact, the OS, Android’s most phenomenal rediscovery since its inception three years ago, is the biggest draw of Galaxy Nexus.

The design is not very different from the Galaxy S2, but the curve is less conspicuous and makes for a smooth transition. And it is nothing less than ecstatic joy that takes us over when the exquisite 720 x 1280 res, 4.65 inches screen with ppi 316 lights up. The crisp and sharp display trumps all competition and makes the video and internet experience enviable.

The OS is a complete redesign of the conventional Android, so even veterans, who have been a stickler for the Google operating system took a few good minutes to figure out the intricacies. However, that does not suggest it is hard to use because the interface is highly intuitive and anyone who has spent time getting to know the phone will have no problem maneuvering their way through the device. The functioning is snappy and there is virtually no lag, even with several apps running.

A bunch of new live wallpapers have been included but you can no longer conjure up the wallpaper changing option it by press of one button at the Homescreen. Instead you have to take a roundabout way through the Settings menu. Also the pinch in feature to preview all the Homescreens that made it so easy to transition between screen one and screen seven, has been taken away.

The facial recognition security lock seems a little futuristic and probably is one of its main USPs. The front facing camera does most of the work, and compares the photo with a preset photo of your choice. However, some users have complained it can be fooled by a photo or does not work at times. It is a bit pessimistic to say the feature has blown up in its face and in its defense, Google has agreed that it is not the best way to secure your phone, it’s quite fun for personal use.

The camera, however, divides the enthusiasts into two. Some believe that there is nothing impressive about the 5 megapixel resolution, while some others feel that there is more to a camera than mere resolution. There are some other problems with the camera as well; photos taken in a hurry do not autofocus, poor lighting does something very unflattering to the resulting photos and without manually focusing, the photos do not come out great even in very good light. The panorama mode is a nice touch, though.

The battery is good, there is little drainage during standby. So, overall, Samsung Galaxy Nexus is an excellent high end smartphone with very few glitches that can be easily overlooked because of its otherwise top notch performance and specs.